Order of Ceremony

Entrance (music can be played as you make your entrance)

Welcome (to family and friends) 

Introduction (optional) (sharing how you met or your journey so far as a couple or family)

Reading (1st)(for a good balance to the ceremony two readings are recommended)

Giving the bride away (you don’t have to be given away if you don’t want to)

1st Vow (Legal part of ceremony which must be said by the celebrant)

Asking (I will ask if you are willing to take one another as partners)

2nd Vow (the marriage commitment)

Exchange of rings (no legal requirement to exchange rings – its your choice)

Other symbol (optional) (such as candle ceremony, sand blending, rose ceremony)

Reading (2nd)

Signing of Marriage schedule and certificates (more music to be played at this time whilst you sign the legal paperwork)

Declaration of marriage (and kiss)

Presentation of newlyweds (this can include a blessing, reading, words of congratulations or even a dove/butterfly release)

Recessional music